Shards of Glass Spoil Meal

August 23, 2013

in Food & Drink Stories

My father and I were on our way back from Florida. We had stopped for breakfast at a small diner by Jensen Beach. The waiter was nice and the drinks were fine. The only mildly disturbing thing we had heard thus far was someone breaking what sounded like a glass in the kitchen, but we figured – oh, people break glasses all the time. It was no big deal.

We got our food. My pancakes were great, but as soon as my father took a bite of his eggs, he pulled back, eyes tearing up, hands over his mouth. I asked him what was wrong and he pulled his hands off his mouth to reveal blood pouring from his upper gum. I was confounded for a second, and I asked him if he had stabbed himself with a fork by accident. He shook his head and pointed at the plate. I grabbed his fork and poked at the eggs – only to feel something crunching. Eggshells? No. Pieces of glass were embedded in his eggs.

After a furious conversation with the manager, he offered to take the eggs off our bill and give us a 10% discount – not nearly enough, in my opinion! Luckily my father didn’t suffer any lasting injury and thus didn’t want to take the incident further, but I still can’t understand why they would serve the eggs like that. They had to have realized there was broken glass in them!

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