A Corpse in the Kitchen

October 13, 2013

in Kitchen & Chef Stories

One of my friends works for the health department and has inspected countless restaurants, tea rooms, hotel kitchens etc for many years. Most of the time they are fine with only the occasional minor inconveniences that were noted for improvement. But of course occasionally you got some more serious cases.

She once told me of a nightmare investigation in which she and her accomplices made a horrifying and gruesome discovery in the kitchen of an Indian restaurant. There had been a number of complaints that there was a nasty smell coming from the kitchen by the customers. When she and her teammates arrived to investigate, what they found in there stunned them beyond belief. A partially decomposed corpse was lying on a stretcher in the corner of the kitchen mere feet away from the food being prepared by the staff who acted as if nothing was wrong.

Apparently this establishment was a family business, and when one of their older members had passed away they simply didn’t bother to get rid of the body and left him there in the corner. The place was shut down by the inspectors immediately and the owners were banned from ever opening the place again.

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