Three Hour Wait for Meal

May 26, 2014

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It was two or three years ago on Veteran’s Day, also my brother’s birthday, and we decided to go to a common chain restaurant. Due to it being Veteran’s Day, the restaurant was packed with military personnel. There was a two hour wait. There were two things wrong with the wait. Number one was that my brother was only 8 or 9 and had no patience. Number two was the time: 7:30 PM. So we left and we went to this Italian restaurant across the street. That was when the dinner from hell began.

We were seated pretty quickly near where the kitchen was, so naturally you’d think you would get okay service there. The opposite happened. It took half an hour to just get drinks. Me, being the quick drinker, finished off my chocolate milk relatively quickly, and I was still parched. The appetizer came an hour later and the actual food took about an hour and a half. At this point we could have been seated at the chain restaurant. It took three hours for the food which was mediocre at best. Three hours for 15 minutes of eating.

Then my father asked for the check. The check always seems to be the longest wait. Luckily this was not a two hour wait as the waiting trend seemed to be for this restaurant. We left quickly and never came back.

At least it wasn’t all bad – somehow my family got vouchers for a free desert at the chain restaurant.

– Alex

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