Too Much Noise in “The Library”

May 9, 2014

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My wife and I were looking for a quiet pub to have monthly casual dinners with another couple. Most of the so-called pubs in the city were actually sports bars, with large screen TVs in each dining area. Sometimes this was not a problem, but during hockey season (this was in Canada) the noise level made conversation difficult.

So we were delighted when we heard about a pub which had a separate room without a TV, an area they called “The Library.” Before we took our friends we decided to try it ourselves and went for dinner, specifying we wanted that room.

Unfortunately, while there was no television, there were speakers playing music. Loud music. The volume was so high that we had to nearly shout to hear each other across a very small table. We asked our waiter if the sound could be turned down; he said he’d ask and left.

A couple of minutes later a manager came to our table and told us condescendingly that they would not change the volume. The reason? It was a pub and they had to “maintain the ambiance.”

We crossed that pub off our list. It would be nice if there were more people on the planet who understood that ear-splitting music and a good time were not always synonymous.

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