August 2016

Let’s start with this: Mother’s Day is THE busiest day at any restaurant. Everyone wants to treat their lady to a nice dinner out, which is great. As a server, the more tables the more money, right? This particular table stands out in my mind. 


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I have never had to write about a horrible customer before so this may not be that entertaining, but I had to tell somebody besides my coworkers. They all know this couple and yes they are rude, but this time they went too far. And I also hope one day I could approach this couple […]


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It was Tuesday morning, November 4th 2014, election day, when I received a phone call. The man on the line saw my resume and was looking for a part-time employee. He asked me to come in for an interview. I was more than amused when I found out who was calling. He was the food […]


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