Sanitation Stories

My wife and I visit a neighborhood mom and pop restaurant about once a month. We’ve been going there for years. They specialize in pizza and Italian food. They make a wicked hot sauce for pasta; the best I’ve ever tasted. Their pizza is served in an oblong pan with a thin crispy crust and […]


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A Fungus Among Us

September 11, 2010

in Sanitation Stories

My wife and I went to eat at a Spanish restaurant in the Tampa, Florida area. It was nicely appointed with Spanish paintings on the wall; subdued lighting, good service and tasty food made for a pleasant dining experience. While we were enjoying our meals I felt a drop of liquid that had fallen onto my […]


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I was once at a fast food restaurant getting lunch. I noticed they dropped a whole bunch of fries on the floor, but I didn’t think twice about it. Well, when I got home, I noticed the fries had black specks on them and were dirty. To make a long story short, I ended up […]


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A friend and I were having lunch together one day and decided to each order a sandwich/burger and split an order of fries. We got our sandwiches and put the plate of fries between us and began to eat. Everything tasted good as expected, but when we got down to the last few fries we […]


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I was having lunch at a well known restaurant. You know the one which is known for their “famous bread bakers.” I was sitting at a table by the sample display – unprotected food sitting out for all to spread their germs on. Being in the health field, I was surprised that having unwrapped foods […]


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