I have been an overnight server for quite some time now, always taking the shifts no one else truly wants due to the tremendous amount of nut jobs that come in late at night. But I have always found that drunk people tip well and are actually pretty fun to wait on. However, to this […]


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Back in the 80’s I worked at a hotel and casino in Reno that also was home to a male only club made up of a who’s who of business leaders and politicians. One of the members was the District Attorney. My work shift was split between serving breakfast as a room service waiter, and […]


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My wife and I frequented a family restaurant that had decent food, fast friendly wait staff, and good prices. One Tuesday night while mid way through our entrees, two fairly large women walked in dragging 5 children along behind them. The women promptly proceeded to ignore the children and started talking among themselves while the […]


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Dinners From Hell received an update from Michelle, the author of the Mr. Cussing Creeper story. The story, which was posted on September 2, 2011, concerned two hellish experiences which occurred during a meal that she had with her family at a restaurant. The first part of the story dealt with parents who rudely allowed […]


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Backstory: I’d been working as a server in a Tex-Mex restaurant for about a year when I had a patron and his wife sit down for dinner. Let’s call him Frank. They ordered a double order of beef fajitas. I made my way out of the kitchen to check on them to see how everything was. […]


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Children Served Cocktails

February 29, 2012

in Kid Stories

The last job I held waiting tables was at a neighborhood restaurant chain that catered to families and tried to liven up their bar area at night for the adult crowd. I tended bar at least one night a week and waited tables or expedited the rest of the time. One day, my friend “Lacy” […]


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I had my 30th birthday in November 2000 and arranged to go out for a meal with friends and colleagues. We booked an Italian restaurant I had been to before and liked. There were 21 of us. The starters were fine, the main courses were fine. Service was very slow, but we were a big […]


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I went to a local chain Italian restaurant a few years ago with my sister. This was a restaurant that we frequented about once a month up until this incident. Over the years we had become “friends” with the manager in that he would come over to chat when we were there. What happened was […]


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Mr. Cussing Creeper

September 2, 2011

in Diner Stories

About 2 years ago, my family and I went out for dinner at a nice chain restaurant on a Wednesday evening. After being led to our booth, given our menus and had our drink orders taken, I glanced around the area we were seated in. It seemed that we were in a sort of “family […]


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I was the opening manager for a restaurant in downtown Washington D.C. many years ago. The restaurant was one of a chain that was very popular in the Washington area at the time. We opened at 7:00 AM for breakfast, which meant I had to get there at about 5:15 AM to open the store […]


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Our restaurant presents live musical performances on Fridays and Saturdays; usually upbeat jazz and R&B. These shows are very, very popular, and we encourage people (via our website and press releases) to call the restaurant to reserve a seat. I was in the middle of seating a whole lot of people on a Friday night; […]


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Many years ago I worked as an assistant manager for a well known chain of restaurants located in the Washington, DC area. The chain was owned by Mormons who were very generous in helping handicapped and mentally challenged individuals by providing them jobs in the kitchen, and as bus boys and girls. The particular Shoppe […]


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