Ah, the holidays… Simultaneously the bane and windfall of every restaurant calendar year. Primarily populated by enthusiastic amateurs whose dining habits make pigs in a trough appear cultured, as well as employees who would rather be anywhere other than serving them, holidays are viewed by most restaurant workers as a time to hunker down for […]


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Hey Dev, This happened a few years ago but it still bothers me to think about it. My wife and I attended a family wedding out of town. After a long afternoon, 11 relatives wanted to go out to dinner. We called a restaurant near our motel (chain, not pricey, not fast food.) They told […]


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Hey Dev, We just returned from a wonderful dinner out with our two sons and their girlfriends. My husband made reservations earlier in the day. Our entire party arrived early and checked in. We waited in the bar for approximately 5 minutes, which was fine. It was a cool evening and the hostess took us […]

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