December 2007

Indian Hot

December 17, 2007

in Diner Stories

This is not a personal dinners from hell story, but rather one that happened to a dining companion. A colleague at work and I decided to take our wives out together to a restaurant. Since he and his wife (whom I’ll call in this story, “Shakini”) were new in town and Indian, I suggested going […]

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My wife and I were having a quiet dinner together at a nice restaurant. That is, until our pleasant tête-à-tête was rudely interrupted by the bellows from a couple sitting nearby. They were apparently drunk to the gills, and oblivious to the ill will their behavior was engendering among other diners. When it was apparent […]


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Money Down The Drain

December 11, 2007

in Non-Stories

Hey Dev, There’s nothing I hate worse than spending my hard-earned money at a restaurant I’ve never been to before, then end up feeling I’ve wasted it with bad food and poor service. Should I just stick to restaurants that I know from experience are consistently good? – C. Dear C., I sympathize with you […]

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