October 2008

My wife and I pulled into an international burger restaurant on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands one night for dinner. We placed our orders at the speaker, and then pulled up to the window after waiting a while for the cars ahead of us to pick up their orders. We were asked by the young lady […]


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This is for a great number of Brits out there, travelling the world, dining out, and just being so mean. I am 100% sure that they are not as unaware as they pretend to be about tipping practices in the countries they travel to. I am of course a waitress who has been the receiver […]


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Heart Attack Grill

October 3, 2008

in Non-Stories

Can you imagine a restaurant boasting that it serves food that is harmful, and whose owner advises diners not to eat at his restaurant every day or “it’ll kill you?” That’s the unique marketing angle of Heart Attack Grill located in Tempe, Arizona. The menu includes the massive Quadruple Bypass Burger (2 pounds of beef, […]

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