September 2009

Arrogant P.O.S.

September 23, 2009

in Diner Stories

It was a busy Tuesday night at Downtown Disney and I was having a horrible day already. My back was killing me and the hosts and managers had no sympathy for my pain. There was a family of 4 with 2 young children that was seated in my section. The husband was an arrogant P.O.S. […]


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Separate Checks

September 18, 2009

in Diner Stories

Oh how I love getting to work right before the dinner rush comes. Pick up a few tables from lazy servers who stroll in 15 to 20 minutes late coffee in hand. I myself enjoy stealing those tables and picking up the extra 50 to 60 bucks. But of course not on this day. I […]


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Hell’s Bells

September 4, 2009

in Non-Stories

Hey Dev, I am allergic to several foods and one night I ordered my usual at my former fav Mexican restaurant. I asked for no bell peppers and I always tell them that it will make me very sick (hospital sick) if they are in the dish. This time they forgot and left the peppers […]

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