January 2010

This is the same author who wrote Grief For My Boss and I would like to tell some stories of my crazy life as a kitchen assistant. Aside from dealing with snooty and bad tempered guys like my poor boss had to deal with in my first story, my workmates and I have experienced all […]


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Several years ago, I was visiting Boston. I was near Harvard Square and decided to have lunch at a small Chinese restaurant. The meal was OK, nothing great, but nothing to complain about. After I ate and paid for my meal, I went to use the restroom. The restroom was one of those one-person restrooms, […]

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Forgetful Waitress

January 14, 2010

in Server Stories

Me and my girlfriend love to eat Asian cuisine. We decided to go to a new Asian restaurant near where I live because we have both heard good news about it, and so we both assumed it was good… boy, were we wrong though. It all started when we came through the front doors of […]


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Grief For My Boss

January 9, 2010

in Diner Stories

I work as a kitchen assistant at a restaurant and I feel compelled to tell this story of what happened to my boss. He works both as the restaurant’s manager and host, so he has to meet everyone that comes in and show them their seats. I feel sorry for him as he has to […]


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Bratty Kids Ruin Meal

January 3, 2010

in Kid Stories

When I was in my late teens I used to frequently go to a local restaurant in my hometown in the UK to treat myself. Sometimes I brought my girlfriend with me. I new one of the members of staff at this restaurant so I really liked the place. But one afternoon a family consisting […]


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