March 2010

The Demon Child

March 28, 2010

in Kid Stories

I once dropped by a local grilled chicken restaurant for a bite to eat during my lunch break from work. I loved this place as I knew one of the members of the staff and the food is great. After having a little chat with the lady behind the counter, I gave my order and […]


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There was once an incident at the restaurant where I work where a waitress got into trouble for something she didn’t deserve in my opinion. The incident happened when a baby boy belonging to a couple sitting at one table started to cry. While the parents tried to calm the baby, a snooty man sitting […]


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I used to work a Saturday job at a local restaurant when I was at college to earn some extra cash. We were quite popular, so we had several dozen new staff members coming in all the time. Most of them stayed only temporarily. But there was a new girl that I and quite frankly […]


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On Saturday the 13th of March, my wife and I went into O’C’s located in Avon, Indiana. We were greeted cordially and seated promptly. After sitting in the booth for a while, we noticed ants crawling on us and the table. We also noticed ants crawling along the window sill. We informed the waiter who […]


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I had a reservation March 4th @ 7pm – party of 6, at “M’s” in Miami. Overall, our experience at M’s was very costly and painfully sub-par. I read their website’s bios etc. and all of their press, especially from NYC critics, including the NY Times and James Beard pieces. M’s should NOT believe everything […]


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My Humiliation

March 11, 2010

in Fast Food Stories

I once decided to treat myself to a meal out at a local fast food joint. As I was queuing up, I kept thinking to myself that I had forgotten to do something before eating out. I shook it off and finally reached the counter where a rather bad tempered looking lad was waiting for […]


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One evening my girlfriend and I decided to go to a local brewery restaurant that we had been to many times before for a romantic evening out. But what we didn’t realise was that a band was going to be practising their rock and roll in the dining hall next door. My girlfriend and I […]


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Mum Gets Hit On

March 4, 2010

in Diner Stories

When I was a young boy, my mother and I were staying at a seaside hotel for a needed break. One evening we were sitting in the hotel’s restaurant having a drink and listening to the hotel’s singers. Unfortunately our evening was about to be ruined at the arrival of a scruffy fellow who decided […]


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