What To Wear At A Restaurant

February 11, 2008

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Hey Dev,

I’m a casual guy, but my girlfriend is always getting on my case about not dressing up when we go out to a restaurant. Could you please get her off my back?

– Jorge

Dear Jorge,

It depends on where you’re dining. If I’m sitting at a tiki bar on the beach slurping raw oysters and drinking cold beer, you’ll catch me wearing nothing but faded shorts and a DinnersFromHell.com t-shirt. However, when I’m attending the Beelzebub Ball, for example, old Dev is looking dapper and acts like a dandy. The point is, one should dress for the setting, as well as for the occasion.

Dev the Dining Devil

[Note: Dev the Dining Devil mysteriously disappeared into parts unknown and therefore we’re no longer able to continue this feature.]

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