It’s Christmas – Go Buy Yourself Some Manners

December 30, 2018

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I work in an iconic family restaurant in Austin, TX. During the holidays, a lot of tourists visit the city, especially at Christmas time. This past Saturday, just before Christmas, the restaurant got slammed at lunch time. The hostess sat a family of 13 people at one table, followed by another table with 4 people celebrating their senior father’s birthday, and a booth with an impatient middle aged woman and her elderly mother.

At one point, a cook told me that there were 10 minute ticket times on orders between the time that the orders were received by the kitchen and prepared to serve to the tables. The booth, however, was starring at me, like it was taking longer. Their meal was eventually served and I followed up after a few minutes to make sure that they were content. But my attention was diverted to the dozens of other patrons sitting in my station afterward. That’s when the middle aged woman from the booth walked to the kitchen to get more tartar sauce and a refill on her sweet tea. Another server helped her. I followed her back to the table to see if there was anything else that she wanted, but she stopped talking to me at this point. Obviously the restaurant was slammed, but I believe that her spite towards me started when she couldn’t be seated in her favorite server’s section so the hostess dumped her in my booth.

After the guests in the booth had finished their meal, I gave them their check and went back to the kitchen to get another table’s order. The guest from the booth walked right up to me, but instead told the waitress who’s station she wanted to be sat in (who was standing next to me) that she had bad service and gave the other waitress my tip – right in front of me! Lady – I’ll remember you! Obviously the other server recognized her from frequent visits.

Next time, I’ll pass the impatient woman off on someone else, who will really give her bad service. Keep your $5. It’s Christmas – go buy yourself some manners.

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NotGregg June 1, 2019 at 5:37 pm

Wow cool story! I am badly in need of manners myself!


nomatter September 22, 2019 at 11:41 am

Yes, that woman displayed poor manners . Pass her off next time. I have customers who just refuse to tip categorically, like the Amish.


Monica March 11, 2021 at 9:49 am

I certainly hope homegirl recognized that as YOUR tip and either gave it to you or split it with you???


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