couple’s spat

Birthday Bust

February 17, 2009

in Couples Stories

My parents invited my wife and me out for dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Since my wife was going to be in the part of town where the restaurant was located with her girlfriend “Anna” to attend an art fair anyway, Anna agreed to drive her to the fair. Afterwards they […]


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My wife and I were having a quiet dinner together at a nice restaurant. That is, until our pleasant tête-à-tête was rudely interrupted by the bellows from a couple sitting nearby. They were apparently drunk to the gills, and oblivious to the ill will their behavior was engendering among other diners. When it was apparent […]


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My wife and I were on vacation in the Caribbean. We were eating in a nice restaurant by the beach, enjoying a leisurely dinner. For reasons I can’t remember, we got into an argument and she ended up leaving the restaurant. Unfortunately, I had left my wallet in my hotel room and therefore had no […]


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