I worked as a pizza delivery guy for a big corporate pizza company. This man had ordered a pizza to be delivered to his home. The advertised price was $12.99. The final price was $18:35 (tax and delivery charge). I took the worst cussing ever from a customer.


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When I was in grad school, another student and I from the same lab group went out to a local Chinese restaurant for lunch. It was a nice place – a bit higher end than your typical takeout joint. At the end of the meal, I was paying cash and he was using a credit […]


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This experience happened about a week ago when my family decided to order a pizza for dinner. The pizza place was a small deep-dish restaurant that also delivered. We love deep-dish pizza and we knew it would be about 35-45 minutes until it was done. They quoted us a time of about an hour and […]


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