I remember Singapore. I learned a lot there. For one, Jack Sparrow doesn’t know Jack Shit about Singapore. In five years of working there I never once saw a tight corset, let alone it removed publicly with zeal and gusto. Quite the opposite, it’s a place of lawfulness. It’s a place of fearsome efficiency. And […]


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My father and I were on our way back from Florida. We had stopped for breakfast at a small diner by Jensen Beach. The waiter was nice and the drinks were fine. The only mildly disturbing thing we had heard thus far was someone breaking what sounded like a glass in the kitchen, but we […]


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Servers have a lot of bad days. With so little control over who and what comes our way, and an income 90% dependent on the largess of our clientele, days can be rollercoasters of emotion. But there are bad days, and then there are days that are slow-motion train wrecks, threatening to derail our sanity, […]


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