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When I was 19 I worked at a small chain restaurant/ice cream place. A woman came in with her three small, unruly children 15 minutes before the kitchen was set to close and I was the only server there. I come to the table with a smile, and she glares at me. OOOH this is […]


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Backstory: I’d been working as a server in a Tex-Mex restaurant for about a year when I had a patron and his wife sit down for dinner. Let’s call him Frank. They ordered a double order of beef fajitas. I made my way out of the kitchen to check on them to see how everything was. […]


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It was a Saturday afternoon at the restaurant where I work. It was usually busy on Saturdays and today was no exception. It was also the middle of summer and on this particular Saturday we were very busy, not slammed, but still pretty hectic. It was quite hot in both the restaurant and the kitchen […]


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