Little Girl Distressed Over Dead Lobsters

September 12, 2012

in Kid Stories

Back when I was two years old my family and I were staying at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire for vacation. My family decided to eat at a restaurant near the ballroom casino that is no longer there anymore. It’s a different restaurant now. It was a seafood place and my grandmother decided before we were seated to show me the live lobsters in the tank. After being seated my family started ordering food including lobsters.

Well when the food came out, especially the lobsters, I put two and two together and screamed out in the restaurant “It’s dead! It’s dead!” over and over again. Everybody in the place stopped eating and looked at my family. My poor grandmother had to have my food and her food boxed up and she took me outside so that everyone could eat in peace. My parents told me that after I was taken out no one ordered a lobster until my whole family left the restaurant. It’s pretty funny now looking back on it! I blame my grandmother for showing me the live lobsters beforehand.

Sorry to all the people who were in that restaurant at the time of my outburst.

– Lobster Girl

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