Hospital Dining Room Staffer Harassed

February 2, 2013

in Diner Stories

While I was cleaning up the dining area of the hospital I worked at, there was a pregnant woman and her husband/baby daddy, whatever, sitting in the very back table in a corner. This part of my job is to pick up napkins, push in chairs, make the place look nice before the lunch crowd. While I was picking up napkins, I heard the pregnant lady start yelling random things at me. “I wish I was cool enough to have my phone in my back pocket!” …What? I ignored her but she kept at it: “Your job looks soooo cool.” “Hey you missed a spot.”

I didn’t know what to think. I mean she wasn’t a teenager; it was a grown up mom-to-be and I was just an 18 year old girl. Plus I’m only 4’11 so I’m not a threat to anyone and hate confrontation. Anyway, I finished up their side of the room and went to the other side. When I had finally finished, I came back to see they were gone… but before they left, they pulled out all the chairs away from the table, threw napkins EVERYWHERE, turned the salt/pepper shakers upside down, and smeared some kind of sauce on the table. Awesome. All I can say is, I hope they gave that poor kid up for adoption.

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rogue wino February 2, 2013 at 4:01 pm

The fact that this woman was pregnant makes me sad. This is the kind of thing some 14-year-old bully would do, not a soon-to-be parent.
There was no way to find out who these people were? I think I would have wanted names. Have a chat with their doc so he could keep an eye on them in case they abuse their kid in the future.


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