Birthday Boy Receives a Plastic “Present”

November 21, 2014

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A while back, two buddies and I went to a well-known chain restaurant to celebrate a birthday. The place was packed; however, we were seated in no time.

Our meals looked absolutely scrumptious when they arrived at the table. So we’re eating, having a good time, laughing, talking about inside jokes, etc. A few minutes go by. Then, out of nowhere, my buddy (birthday boy) lets out a vociferous shriek. My other buddy and I fell back in our chairs in complete shock. Before we could even ask what was wrong, the birthday boy upchucks whatever was in his mouth. Out came his pasta special, along with shards of clear plastic! Immediately we flag down our server and demand that the manager come to our table. In the meantime it was quite a scene, as nearby tables were silenced, eagerly watching to see what will happen next.

The manager and server stood there while the birthday boy picks out the shards with his fork. Fortunately he wasn’t bleeding. However, his lip and gum had some inflammation from where the plastic had scratched it.

After a few minutes, the manager came back and said, “We found the problem. One of our utensil containers broke at one of its corners and pieces had splintered off. The plastic from your meal matched the plastic from the container.”

He was offered a new meal, but my friend just wanted it comped so we could leave. The manager comped his meal, then asked if there was anything we needed. All we asked was that the restaurant carefully prepare its meals so that no one else finds a plastic present in their food.

RedHead0186 June 18, 2015 at 12:36 pm

While this sounds like a terribly unfortunate accident, it sounds like the restaurant at least handled it well after the fast.

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