Foreign Object Found in Burger

February 28, 2017

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Recently, I had a girls’ night out with my mother, my sister, and my two grandmothers. We went shopping, saw a movie, and then went out to dinner at a local chain restaurant (full-service, mid-priced, not just some fast food joint). This restaurant is one of my family’s favorite places to go.

I ordered a burger that came with blue cheese, onions, and bacon. As I started biting into it, I noticed that there was a slice of tomato, which I don’t like. Not a big deal, I could just take it out. So, I flipped my burger over (since the tomato was on the bottom bun) and I noticed some sort of a circular object that was sunken into the burger. After processing the situation for a minute, I realized that it was a water bottle cap! Sure, it wasn’t the grossest thing I could have found in my burger, but it was still unexpected and unacceptable.

I sent my burger back and the manager kindly gave me a new meal and a full refund. I have to say that the restaurant handled the situation very professionally. However, the trouble didn’t end here. That night, before my sister fell asleep, she mentioned that she felt kind of sick. A few minutes later she woke up covered in diarrhea and with a sudden urge to puke. She ran to the bathroom and threw up for at least ten minutes. It had to have been the meal she had at the restaurant. It was all she had really eaten throughout the day.

I’m not sure if we will be returning, but I hope the restaurant figures out some of its issues regarding health and sanitation.

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Dbla May 16, 2017 at 8:52 pm

Food poisoning takes 8-12 hours for the first signs to show…I call bullshit


Makoshark June 28, 2017 at 12:27 am

It's far more likely she picked up a bug somewhere that happened to manifest that night.


Jaybie September 4, 2017 at 1:19 pm

I remember, years ago, I was eating away and found a huge cockroach at the bottom. I immediately had a gag reflex and I'm trying hard not to vomit all over the plate. I called the waitress and showed her the roach. I was with 3 friends and we got up, I told the cashier at the front that we were not paying for any of their horrible food and we walked out. We never went back.


Been there September 25, 2018 at 3:58 am

Food poisoning unless DIRECT samonella or foreign substance ( ie. Chemicals) WILL not cause a reaction that quickly. A lot of people don't realize how long food poisoning actually takes to set in. Several. 4-8 hours ( that's with a "foriegn body" present), and 12- 48 hours for actual food borne illnesses. Always go to the doctor. And if you are in the restaurant business as a manager or owner, always apologize, do NOT accept blame and ask for test results and for them to seek medical treatment. With contact information if they are willing to provide.


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