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At my last job, my boss would yell at you as if someone had just spat on his mother’s face or something if one of the front of house (FOH) people crossed the fine line of the holy back of house (BOH) territory. Just try and dare to reach over and grab that plate of […]


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While there are tons of stories on here about customers or workers, I haven’t read one about a manager yet, so let me tell you about mine…

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I remember Singapore. I learned a lot there. For one, Jack Sparrow doesn’t know Jack Shit about Singapore. In five years of working there I never once saw a tight corset, let alone it removed publicly with zeal and gusto. Quite the opposite, it’s a place of lawfulness. It’s a place of fearsome efficiency. And […]


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One of my friends works for the health department and has inspected countless restaurants, tea rooms, hotel kitchens etc for many years. Most of the time they are fine with only the occasional minor inconveniences that were noted for improvement. But of course occasionally you got some more serious cases.


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Over here in the UK we are used to heavy bouts of rainfall. Heck it rains 200 days a year over here. But every now and then we get the rare but scary storm that puts us on our toes. Anyway to the story…


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I was once dining out at an Italian restaurant which I had been to many times before. I was just eating my garlic bread when I heard what sounded like water dripping. I ignored it and carried on eating when I saw water dripping from a crack in the ceiling. Okay no big deal, I’m […]


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It was a Saturday afternoon at the restaurant where I work. It was usually busy on Saturdays and today was no exception. It was also the middle of summer and on this particular Saturday we were very busy, not slammed, but still pretty hectic. It was quite hot in both the restaurant and the kitchen […]


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This is the same author who wrote Grief For My Boss and I would like to tell some stories of my crazy life as a kitchen assistant. Aside from dealing with snooty and bad tempered guys like my poor boss had to deal with in my first story, my workmates and I have experienced all […]


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Grief For My Boss

January 9, 2010

in Diner Stories

I work as a kitchen assistant at a restaurant and I feel compelled to tell this story of what happened to my boss. He works both as the restaurant’s manager and host, so he has to meet everyone that comes in and show them their seats. I feel sorry for him as he has to […]


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This may never see the light of day, because the diner I work at is not just another diner from hell. It is a place of political anger, sexual harassment, drug abuse and perhaps even dare I say it………….direct from the owner statements of anger that border on direct incitement to commit assassination. I had […]


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