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December 17, 2007

in Diner Stories

This is not a personal dinners from hell story, but rather one that happened to a dining companion. A colleague at work and I decided to take our wives out together to a restaurant. Since he and his wife (whom I’ll call in this story, “Shakini”) were new in town and Indian, I suggested going to an Indian restaurant that my wife and I liked.

At the restaurant, I ordered my meal, requesting that it be prepared “hot.” Shakini mockingly laughed, stating that I had only ordered “American hot.” When she gave the waiter her order, Shakini said with emphasis, “I’ll take mine Indian hot!” I asked her what the difference was between American hot and Indian hot. In a braggadocio tone she replied, “American hot is nothing. Indian hot is much hotter.” It seemed that she was trying to appear superior by making a point that I wasn’t Indian and knew nothing about Indian food. Whatever quirk was going on in her noggin, I realized that the problem was hers and let it go.

Our meals arrived. As I enjoyed my dinner, I noticed that Shakini only ate a few bites of her food. Immediately afterwards she started to drink lots of water and seemed distressed and pained. She then started complaining vociferously that her food was too hot. Yes, Divine Justice! I did my best to stifle a smile only because her husband was present. Shakini ended up taking her food home; I bet she threw it out.

I wondered if perhaps the waiter, embarrassed by the woman’s boorish behavior, asked the kitchen to kick the heat way up on her food. Or perhaps she just couldn’t handle “Indian hot.” 

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Jay May 25, 2017 at 5:53 pm

I'd say taking Indian friends to an American Indian restaurant is the definition of "boorish", actually.


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