Brave Bartender Stops Slugfest

January 14, 2008

in Odds & Ends Stories

Here’s one from the owner of an upscale establishment. Happened a few years ago.

Several couples (co-workers at a nearby brokerage firm and their spouses) were dining at a long table next to the front window of this particular restaurant.

A man walked by and saw them sitting there. He happened to have just been laid off by one of the diners, his former boss. So this man spots his former boss, walks in, says “Hi” and starts poking at the ex- boss who at first thinks he’s kidding. Then he slugs the ex-boss and the table stands up and tries to intervene, while other diners are screaming. The owner, a man, goes to stop it but the bartender, a woman, says “Let me handle it. They won’t slug a woman.” She stepped in-between the men, stopped the fighting, and ushered the culprit out.

Later that evening, that same restaurant had a diner in cardiac arrest and had to call the paramedics who came in with a stretcher. More than enough excitement for one night.

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