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February 7, 2010

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Hey Dev,

I am going to propose to my girlfriend soon and I would like to do it while we are at a romantic restaurant we are thinking of going to on her 21st. However I am quite unsure about how to do it. I don’t just want to open the box over the table and ask the big question; I want to do something a bit more dramatic. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

– Romantic

Dear Romantic,

Dev the Dining Devil is still gallivanting in parts unknown, and since you have a time sensitive issue, and since I proposed to my wife in a restaurant myself, I thought as the site’s owner that I’d personally address your question.

First of all I made sure that I selected a restaurant with a romantic ambiance, one that we’d been to before and I knew that she loved. It was dimly lit, quiet, and had excellent food, and the service was performed the way it should be – attentive only when needed. Also, so we could linger, I made sure to select a day and time when servers wouldn’t be under pressure to turn over tables.

I ordered a bottle of my girlfriend’s favorite wine. When she went to the lady’s room, I dropped the engagement ring into her glass of wine. I made sure that the glass was nearly full so she wouldn’t tilt it enough to swallow the ring, plus I kept a constant eye on her whenever she lifted the glass. At first she didn’t notice the ring, then suddenly she stared into the glass and exclaimed, “Oh my God!” I fished the ring out with a clean spoon, wiped it dry, then proposed to her. Gratefully she said “Yes!” I had made previous arrangements with our server to bring a dessert for us to share after dinner, and to say “Congratulations!” It was a memorable proposal, one that we’ll never forget.

I’m not suggesting that you do the same thing, as I don’t want to receive any blame if the ring gets swallowed! But I do want you to be cognizant of the importance of selecting the right restaurant and dining conditions. Maybe some of the visitors to this site will contribute their own suggestions for you.

I wish you the best on your proposal. Please post a comment to let everyone know how it turned out!

– Gregg

[Note: Dev the Dining Devil mysteriously disappeared into parts unknown and therefore we’re no longer able to continue this feature.]

Romantic February 7, 2010 at 2:59 pm

Thank you very much Gregg I really appreciate the advice. I love my girlfriend with all my heart and I really want to do something really special for the big moment. I am so nervous but exited at the same time! I have the perfect ring, white gold with a purple dimond, her favourite colour. Her birthday is a long while off but I will let you all know what happens a bit nearer the time. Wish me luck!

carrie February 8, 2010 at 8:41 am

We've had several proposals at our restaurant…make sure you tell your server first of what you've got planned….=)

We had one where it was served on top of a dessert… where the guy started a fight with his girlfriend and then got down on one knee and proposed….another with the engagement ring slid into her menu (that was a little scary) and another with the ring tied onto the bouquet of flowers (and another was a teddy bear) the server brought to the table partway through the meal…

the best was the guy who proposed to my waitress, in the middle of a hugely busy night…knelt down in front of her while she was taking out plates of spaghetti and asked her to marry him in front of everyone….the whole restaurant burst into applause (and unfortunately she had to go back to

best of luck!

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