Cruel Parents, Horrible Customers

November 1, 2015

in Diner Stories

I work as a waitress in a family run café/restaurant in a relatively small country town. The place I work at is really busy normally; today was a bank holiday so it was even busier. I don’t usually complain about busy days, but with the combination of us being understaffed and a waiter being “ill,” it was hard work.

Anyway, it was around 4:00 (and we close and go home at 5:00), so we began to do the cleaning and the jobs we have to do before closing when a family of six, including a toddler (she must have been about 2 or 3), arrived. Being a small place we only have one table for six, so I put two tables together so they could sit on one table, and got them a high-chair for the toddler.

First they complained that the high-chair wasn’t clean (a lie, as I personally cleaned it when it was last used), but I cleaned it for them anyway. They then ordered their food. When I took the food to them, the toddler screamed about not wanting to eat. I have younger siblings so I attempted to make him excited about the food. I said that the beans were super beans and if he ate them he might become a superhero (we have superhero masks for birthday parties so I would have given him one anyway). The parents looked horrified and the dad told me to “butt out.” I continued my job and served them and walked away.

When I came back the kid had eaten all his food and asked me if he would be a superhero now, so I got him a mask and told him well done. The parents complained about me and the manager ended up telling me to go home.

When I came back the following week the family came in again. Not only did the toddler recognized me, but he got smacked when he said hello to me. They also complained about every little thing. Cruel parents, horrible customers. Luckily this time, the manager agreed with me and kicked them out.

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@Iridescent_Glas November 21, 2015 at 2:29 am

Oh, I hope that little kid is with better people, that was abuse.


anon September 4, 2016 at 4:02 pm

maybe you shouldn't lie to people's kids.


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