Rude Customers Complain to Server’s Coworkers

August 21, 2016

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I have never had to write about a horrible customer before so this may not be that entertaining, but I had to tell somebody besides my coworkers. They all know this couple and yes they are rude, but this time they went too far. And I also hope one day I could approach this couple and ask them why they were so rude to me.

A little background on myself. I’ve been a server for 5 years and I’m very good at my job. I rarely make mistakes and I have many regulars that come in just for my service. I serve everyone with a smile on my face regardless if I like you or not. When I do make a mistake I have the balls to admit it, and I will try to do everything in my power to make you a happy customer, even if it comes out of my own pocket.

Today I worked outside with the weather being over 105 degrees and I was extremely drained, but I had one table so far and they were nice people and tipped me very well. It was really slow so I started to take tables inside and, of course to my dismay, I see a couple that come in from time to time and they are the worst customers I have ever dealt with. They are rude, cheap, and unappreciative of anything you do for them.

My coworker started them up for me since I was finishing up another table outside. They wanted a game box from upstairs which customers have to get themselves, but being the nice person I am I grabbed it for them; I received no thank you’s. I brought them their drinks and they were ready to order. They wanted an item off the specials, but they wanted to change the cheese which I politely told them the kitchen couldn’t do. They rudely said fine and picked something else. Before I left the table the wife said, “Can you make sure that they give us more rings than tentacles?” in the calamari order. I again said politely that the kitchen usually can’t do that but I will still memo it in (which I actually did).

They got their food, I asked if everything came out OK, I got them another drink, I made sure to check in with them, and then they asked for their check. I got them their check and I said thank you very much and to have a good night (with my cheesy server smile), even though I know they aren’t going to leave a good tip (they barely tip 15%). They said thank you and I went off to do side work.

I come to find out that they went up to the bartenders and told them I was a terrible server, I was rude, and that it was the worst service they had ever experienced. I looked at my coworkers with shock and I said, “Are you f***ing serious?!” I don’t understand what I could’ve possibly done differently and I don’t know why they are so miserable, but they definitely took it out on me today.

At this point I am livid, and if they post a bad review about me management will blame me regardless if I did something wrong or if I was perfect. It’s my word against theirs and this time I was completely blindsided. The next time they come in I’m going to definitely ask them what I could’ve possibly done wrong. I will also make it clear I will not be serving them since I’m such a terrible server and I don’t deserve their 10% tip. If you’re this type of customer please don’t go out and take it out on people who work in the industry. We are servers not servants, and I know I am a nice person and I refuse to stand by and let you treat me like anything less than a person.

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Andrew October 26, 2019 at 3:05 pm

15 percent is a standard tip,you're just selfish and greedy!


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