Customer Leaves Hurtful Message on Credit Slip

December 16, 2016

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Several years ago my now husband and I moved from our relatively large home city to a small town in the Upper Midwest when he was offered an excellent job opportunity after college graduation. I had just finished an undergrad degree as well, but the town was based entirely around agriculture and petroleum and there were no jobs available in my field. His salary was enough for both of us (that’s what enticed us there), but I decided to take a restaurant job to meet people and make some extra cash for our vacation fund.

This was a small but affluent town thanks to the large firms in the area. I got a job at the nicest restaurant in town and was actually making some pretty solid money. It was a huge place, with multiple dining rooms and several party rooms where we put large groups. The food was nothing groundbreaking, but it was always well executed and the whole place was managed well. It was even one of the only places in town that served craft beer (that was only ever ordered by city folks there on business). Anyway, I actually enjoyed working there and liked the locals more than I had thought I would.

This story takes place a few days before Christmas, on my last shift before we flew home to spend the holiday with our families. This is a great time to be a server because people go out with family and friends to celebrate and tend to tip generously. I had a 6 top in the back dining room, which I loved working because it had a fireplace and an aristocratic European study vibe. The group consisted of one middle-aged local couple, another older couple, and a younger couple a few years older than me. The last two couples lived in the nearest sizable city and were in town for the holidays.

The dinner went well; they weren’t big drinkers but they all ordered steaks so the bill added up to over $150. The 2012 election had just taken place, and based on what I overheard, the local couple was not pleased with the result while the city dwellers were. The local man actually asked me who I had voted for, which of course I sidestepped with a little joke, but I winked at the younger couple across the table. They smiled, but I’m pretty sure the man hadn’t seen what I had done (this is the only thing that came to mind later when I was trying to figure out WTF had happened). Anyway, at the end of the meal everybody is happy and the local man picks up the check since he’s the host for the evening.

They leave and I wish them happy holidays as they walk down the hall towards the main dining room and exit. I start bussing the table and of course take a look at the credit slip. There is no tip, total, or signature anywhere, only the word “IDIOT” written in bold capital letters across the top. My face turns red and I’m dumbfounded; they were happy with everything and seemed to enjoy me as a server. It’s also worth noting that I’m well spoken and quite witty, far from an idiot.

Without any kind of plan, I start down the hall towards the front. I ask the hostess if the guy that just left from the back dining room had said anything negative to her, but apparently he had just said goodnight and walked out. I kind of sigh and turn back toward my section, ready to just accept this as a random act of an a**hole and write it off, when I notice the other two couples on the other side of the restaurant walking toward me and the exit, apparently having used the restroom before leaving. This is going to be fun.

With a big smile I tell them that I think their host accidentally took the signed slip, and do they think they could fetch it from him so that I could close it out properly? I think that at the very least this guy will now have to come back in and face me, or explain to his guests why he won’t. The older gentleman tells me that they drove separately so he has probably already left, but he’s his brother so he can just sign it and explain to his brother what happened. Even better. I thank him, and then without a word hand over the book with the credit slip in it. He opens it and his eyes go wide, and he silently shows the rest of his party. The young woman’s mouth actually dropped open.

I busy myself with rearranging to-go cups or something to give them a minute, and the guy hastily fills in the slip and gives it back to me. He never addressed what was written on the slip, but he also gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him if there were any problems with getting the payment closed. As they walked out the young guy said, “Sorry my uncle is a pr*ck,” and shook his head. I just smiled and said thank you. I open up the book and see that the a**hole’s brother filled in a 20% ($30) tip and left another $20 in cash. Thanks, friend!

I told my manager what happened (she thought the way it worked out was as hilarious as I did), and prepared her for the possibility of a disputed charge. That never happened, though, as I suspect the guy’s brother gave him a dressing down and let him know that we had his number to call if anything went wrong with the payment. I imagine it was an awkward holiday back at the a**hole’s house.

What bugs me about this to this day is how it seems like such a random act. His dining experience was great and he was nothing but nice and courteous to my face. I guess he just gets his jollies thinking that he hurt a 21 year old, 5’2″ blonde girl’s feelings.

We only stayed there for a year; we now live back in the city and I got a master’s degree and am finally finished with the service industry. Happy holidays to all those still in the trenches, and don’t let the bastards grind you down!

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Margie December 19, 2016 at 5:51 am

I love how this story had a happy ending at least! Glad it somewhat worked out, but totally agreed. It is hard working in the customer service industry and even when things do turn out good in the end it is never easy to forget those moments where you take abuse from customers. It's disgusting behaviour, but honestly it is a reflection on them and not you. Even if they've received the most horrendous experience of their life, the way you react to it is definitely a reflection of how that person is. It's not you, it's them and it's not ok to go around treating people like that. The fact that the rest of the party didn't appreciate what was written also shows that's just the type of whack job he is. Good thing it worked out for you though!:)


Edward January 12, 2017 at 3:18 am

I'm sorry that happened to you. But I just don't understand why people care so much about what some total stranger thinks of them.


jonasgal July 10, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Sometimes, I don't understand that either!!!


Kristie November 16, 2017 at 4:09 am

I have always thought being 5'2" also older men find me an easy target for their douchebaggery attitude. I have been treated like a nonhuman with no rights more then a few times by older men. I usually am bartending when when they have the nerve to talk to me like that. I forget about the tip and always stand up for myself because I don't have to serve anyone I think is being out of line. Serving you have to be more delicate in the way you handle things. Glad you got the final play in his "I'll show her" Attitude (for God knows what reason). You just made me think about some of my old guy stories that always blew me away. I did go to the extreme once because I was quitting that day ( this guy being one of the many reasons). Him and a few other men treated me like garbage at this new job I was really excited about for weeks. I had had enough..very high end country club mind you…he was trying to get whatever he could for free from me, like always. I leaned in and said " I'm not your wife I am done with your crap and quitting today. So I suggest you be very careful walking to your car tonight. " " You are old and out of shape and I know I can rip that smug look right off your face. " Very wrong but felt so good. I have never been in a fight I was bluffing. I stared at him hard until he scurried out.


sexygal January 28, 2019 at 5:39 pm

You shouldn’t’ve been bluffing cuz, one day, you’re gonna have to PROVE yourself!!!


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