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June 30, 2019

in Diner Stories

I work as a cashier at a barbecue chain in the northeast. I had been recently hired and was only working my 5th shift. The menu is simple as everything is a la carte, UNLESS you choose to get the combo.

A guy came in and ordered a full rack of ribs. Per usual I followed up with, “Would you like to make that a combo?” He said yes.

With the combo you can get a side and a drink, or two sides and a drink. He chose the single side combo which costs $3.30. In the combo, the drink costs $2 and the side $1.30 which saves the customer a few dollars. When I asked him what side he wanted, the situation became mind boggling.

He wanted cornbread as his side, but that is not an option in the combo. I told him that he could only get cornbread if he got it on the side and that it would cost 80 cents.

“No, I want to get the cornbread in the combo,” he retorted.

“Sir, it is cheaper for you to buy the drink and cornbread separately than get it in the combo,” I replied.

“Forget it then, just give me the full rack of ribs to go. It’s ridiculous that you can’t get cornbread in the combo.”

I was trying to save the guy some money, but he really wanted the cornbread as his side in the combo.

Customers like this are frustrating, but I have to remind myself that the customer in front of me is funding my paycheck.

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