Restaurant Disses Denim-Suited Diner

October 17, 2020

in Couples Stories

Back in the 1970s Tampa didn’t have many high-end restaurants. There was one restaurant that tried to appear to be upscale. Men were required to wear jackets; waiters wore tuxes. The funny thing was, the restaurant was located inside a Holiday Inn motel!

One night while my wife and I were dining there, a happy looking couple came in. You could tell that they were excited about having a fun evening out together. The gentleman wore what he considered to be fine attire – a light blue denim suit. It wasn’t bad looking. The jacket, vest and slacks were pressed, a nice shirt was worn, shoes were polished. I had never seen a denim suit before, but what the heck, he wore a jacket as required.

As they were waiting to be seated, a hostess approached the gentleman. In front of his date and nearby customers, she told him that they weren’t allowed to dine there because of the denim material. The gentleman, clearly embarrassed, nodded his head, and he and his date departed. We felt bad for them, and the incident kind of ruined our dinner.

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