Fast Food Stories

This happened a long time ago but it is hard to forget this. An employee who can’t keep orders right is one thing, but what this employee at a B. Castle in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, Michigan did was very inexcusable. Way back in about 1985 or ’86 (back then this fast foods restaurant was only […]


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A friend of mine and I are constantly swapping stories of weird and unusual things that happen to us at drive-thru’s. This story is just one of MANY that have occurred at various locations of the same fast food restaurant. Let my begin by saying that I almost never eat fast food. About 90% of […]


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My wife and I pulled into an international burger restaurant on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands one night for dinner. We placed our orders at the speaker, and then pulled up to the window after waiting a while for the cars ahead of us to pick up their orders. We were asked by the young lady […]


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