One of my friends works for the health department and has inspected countless restaurants, tea rooms, hotel kitchens etc for many years. Most of the time they are fine with only the occasional minor inconveniences that were noted for improvement. But of course occasionally you got some more serious cases.


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I am not shy to say this is regarding the Bob’s B** B** restaurant in El Cajon, California. This place was an epic disappointment!! To start the hostess/waitress was very short and placed us at a dirty table when the whole restaurant was empty. The “kids menu” was a laminated black and white copy that you […]


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My wife (I’ll call her “Karla”) told me about an odd dining experience she had the other night. After hearing it, I thought that Dinners From Hell would be a good site to share it with. Karla and her 98-year-old mother dined at a well-known Italian-themed U.S. chain restaurant. As they were about to get up from […]


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I’d been backpacking for two weeks all up and down the East Coast of Australia. I spent the entire day on a boat going out to the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling, and then coming back to this little island near the mainland. It was a day in the sun all day long, a lot of […]


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The Smelly Man

April 21, 2010

in Diner Stories

I work in a busy restaurant and we have all sorts of people coming and going. But there was one customer that was quite frankly hard to forget. He was well known throughout my hometown as the smelly man because well – he smells. No that is an understatement, he reeks but I do not […]


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My wife, Karen, and I were vacationing in Camden, Maine where we ate at a nearby seafood restaurant. The place was packed, but we were able to get a table. Karen ordered a big bowl of mussels steamed with butter and wine. When the waitress delivered the mussels to our table, we could smell a […]


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