The following incident occurred at a popular Wilmington, North Carolina restaurant one block off the Cape Fear River. My (then) wife and I were having a cocktail at a small table nearest the kitchen’s “food out only” door. There were maybe 7-10 other diners in-house. We were enjoying ourselves in conversation when I happened to see […]


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Curried Rat

February 5, 2010

in Food & Drink Stories

I went to a Thai restaurant and ordered Panang Curry with white rice and chicken. What I was served was not chicken. It was slimy, gray, and very chewy. I’m pretty sure I was served rat. I ate one bite and spit it up. I was too embarrassed to tell the waitress what I thought, […]


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Several years ago, I was visiting Boston. I was near Harvard Square and decided to have lunch at a small Chinese restaurant. The meal was OK, nothing great, but nothing to complain about. After I ate and paid for my meal, I went to use the restroom. The restroom was one of those one-person restrooms, […]

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