On The Commode With A Companion

January 18, 2010

in Insect & Animal Stories

Several years ago, I was visiting Boston. I was near Harvard Square and decided to have lunch at a small Chinese restaurant. The meal was OK, nothing great, but nothing to complain about.

After I ate and paid for my meal, I went to use the restroom. The restroom was one of those one-person restrooms, so the toilet was not in an enclosed stall. I was sitting on toilet, doing my business, and I saw a rat sitting in the corner staring at me. This brought a new meaning to the phrase “It scared the sh** out of me!” After that experience, I check out the restroom of a restaurant when I arrive. If it’s not clean, then I leave.

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skippymom January 19, 2010 at 3:33 am

Or the phrase "I sh** myself" literally. A rat? OMG. Sage advice to check first.


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