Server Shares Her Stories of Abuse

October 12, 2016

in Diner Stories

Being a waitress means dealing with the public and in case you were unaware, that means dealing with a lot of assholes. I work at a 24 hour breakfast style restaurant which means I see my fair share of cheap, rude, arrogant and inconsiderate people. Here are a few of my best stories:

* At 9 pm my work has a few items that go on sale, one of them being a cheeseburger meal with a drink. I was unaware of this as I don’t normally work that late, I am typically doing my cleanup by nine. This woman and her entire family of six order cheeseburgers which come out hot and within good time. I get their numerous refills and everything else they ask for during the next hour. When they decide to leave the woman says she will meet me at the register. I hand her the ticket and she immediately notices that I charged her for the regular burgers. I apologize and fix it; this takes less than a minute. Her response? “So I am not getting my food for free after you fucked up my ticket?” I explained that they all ate their food and even said they enjoyed it so their food would not be free. She paid credit but said she was going to leave my tip on the table. I thanked her before going back to my other tables. When I finally got around to stopping at their table I couldn’t believe what I saw. The lady had left me no tip, but smeared the last of the burgers I had not cleared away all over the booths and the table. It took me over an hour to clean.

* We have one regular that is an awful witch every single time she comes in and complains about every meal she gets. She ordered a steak omelet well done, and when I brought it out she threw a fit because her steak was burned (it really wasn’t, in fact it was a bit under done). The cooks remade her food and right when I sat it down she said, “Can’t you and the cook get an order right between the two of you!? I said medium rare! Get that out of my face, I won’t eat it!” The cook remade her food one more time and this time she ate it, but she loudly complained every time I passed or checked on them. She does this EVERY TIME she comes in without fail.

* Luckily this girl no longer comes in, but for a while she did and I always wound up with her in my section. A woman around 20 came in with her boyfriend all of the time, and every time I would stop to talk to them she would laugh AT me (it was really weird and uncomfortable), and as I walked away she would make snide comments about the way I walk (I have bow legs). She would trash their table every time they were there by stabbing coffee creamers with a fork and smearing them across the table, or “spilling” pancake syrup on the floor. I watched her do this once; she literally lifted the syrup dispenser over the carpet and let it rip. Funny thing is she told me she is a waitress at one of our local chain stores. My manager is currently looking into this after the nasty note they left me the last time they were in. The note said I was a piece of shit.

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RedHead0186 October 18, 2016 at 1:37 pm

I love how some people expect bend-over-backwards accommodations after a minor inconveniences. Yes, it was your fault you mischarged for the burgers, but you immediately admitted it and made it right. There was no reason for the woman to demand free food, as she wasn't 'out' anything except maybe one extra minute of her time while you fixed the ticket. People like that get on my nerves . . .


S. Gen November 13, 2016 at 7:29 am

Hello! I am the one who wrote this, I work in a rough part of my city (the 3rd worst part of town) and this type of attitude is incredibly common here, I see it almost daily and it doesn't help that my managers typically indulge this behavior.


2243422 September 23, 2017 at 6:36 pm

Did you ever find out if the one lady was actually a waitress at one of the local chain stores?


Jean June 15, 2018 at 1:05 pm

Why aren't people like this being thrown out of the restaurant? Yes, I know they're customers– excuse me, Customers– and the Customer Rules, and we must scrape and ass-kiss while serving them, but enough is enough. There are limits to what even a Customer can get away with.


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