Ignored by Waitress

October 26, 2018

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My friend, her 11 year old daughter and I went to a local village today for their Scarecrow Festival, a tradition that we’ve been enjoying for about 7 years. Before getting started, we went to one of the restaurants for lunch. Now it’s important to note we didn’t go last year due to the weather.

We arrive a little after 11 and are seated right away. The waitress brings our menus and takes our drink orders. When she returns:

Me: I’ll take chicken salad on a croissant with American cheese and mayo on the side please.

Friend: I’d like roast beef with horseradish sauce and a bowl of French onion soup.

Daughter: I’d like a house salad with ranch dressing and chicken fingers.

The waitress leaves and comes back a few minutes later:

Waitress: Where did you see roast beef?

Friend: On the menu.

It turned out that they had new menus they started today, and the one my friend ordered from was the old menu. Friend changes her order to a crab cake sandwich. No problem.

Food comes out.

Daughter: This isn’t ranch dressing.

Friend and I try it and we both agree politely that it’s not.

Waitress (bringing out new dressing with an attitude): Try this one.

The ranch was right this time (we’d determined the first one was creamy Italian). I politely remind her about my mayonnaise which she had forgotten.

For the next forty minutes our waitress ignores us. Doesn’t check to see if everything is okay, doesn’t see if we would like refills. I never get my mayonnaise. She serves the tables around us, since it’s gotten busier now. But she walks right by us and looks right at us but ignores us. We’re finished eating but she doesn’t even come back to take our dirty plates. My friend and I are both getting pissed, but she’s keeping it together because her daughter is with us.

Finally, after we’d been there an hour, she FINALLY comes back to our table and asks if we’d like anything else. We say no and that we just want the check and she leaves. Five minutes later:

Waitress: Hey I just wanted to double check. You didn’t need anything else right?

Us: No.

Ten minutes after she first asked us, she brought our check out and then we had to wait another 5 minutes or so before she took the card to run it, and then finally came back with the receipt. She got a $2.99 tip on a $60+ check.

We didn’t blame her for the first two things. They were out of her control. But the attitude and the fact that she ignored us for most of our lunch is inexcusable

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Original poster October 27, 2018 at 10:43 am

I’m surprised it got posted so fast


Edward February 8, 2019 at 3:04 am

You didn't go last year "due to the weather". So what? That didn't pertain at all to the story so I don't understand why you mentioned it. It has nothing to do with anything that happened.


Tate July 22, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Neither does your comment


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