Dinners From Hell offers true stories about restaurant dining disasters written by diners, servers and chefs.

We've all had those dining experiences when things went dreadfully wrong. Perhaps it was a social blunder, an obnoxious customer, a waiter or waitress with an attitude, a temperamental chef, an embarrassing faux pas, or a food or beverage incident. Find out what others have had to endure by reading stories about dinners gone bad.

Wing Themed Restaurants

August 5, 2008 Non-Stories

Many chicken wing restaurants sport a similar  theme – Hooters, Mugs ‘n Jugs, Melons, Bazookas, Knockers…well, you get the point. Sales at these establishments total over a billion dollars a year. Sometimes, however, expectations might not meet the reality as this Mad TV video shows:

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Horrible Meal & Scraped Ick

July 18, 2008 Food & Drink Stories

We decided to go to R.L.. Jack’s Mom loves R.L., so we called her and she was very happy to go with us. This was to be Mom’s birthday dinner that we owed her from a couple weeks before. We were surprised they were not busy when we got there. We got a table real […]

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Foodborne Illnesses

July 1, 2008 Non-Stories

According to a report issued by the Centers for Disease Control, there has been little progress over the last several years in reducing the incidence of some foodborne illnesses in the U.S. To help protect yourself before dining at a restaurant, try to obtain health inspection results (which is not always a simple task). Many […]

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Waitress’ Name

June 30, 2008 Server Stories

This is event happened while I was the chef at a restaurant on Cape Cod. One busy summer night two restaurant waitresses, Kelly and Mary, were trying to help each turn tables so that we could accommodate another seating before closing time. Kelly asked Mary to add up a check and drop it at a […]

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It’s Jerry Time!

June 4, 2008 Non-Stories

The It’s Jerry Time! website features videos about the trials and tribulations of a hapless schlub named Jerry. The Emmy winning web series is based on Jerry’s real life adventures. Click on the graphic below to view Jerry’s dinner from hell:

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15% Or Else!

May 20, 2008 Non-Stories

A restaurant customer received a threat that his house would be blown up if he ever returned to the restaurant and left less than a 15% tip. Click on the link below to see the news video:   Diner Receives Bomb Threat Over Tip

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Baseball Diners Strike Out

May 19, 2008 Tipping & Etiquette Stories

This is a quick tipping story, meant more as an admonition to those attending sporting events than to trash anyone. If you happen to attend a major league baseball game where in-seat wait service brings food from a menu, as opoosed to the usual vendors selling one item, please realize we servers are working for […]

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Would You Like Change Back?

April 30, 2008 Non-Stories

Hey Dev, Is it rude for a server to ask a guest if they need change, or should they just assume that change is required everytime? – Jessica Dear Jessica, Many diners take offense when asked if they’d like change back. They assume that the server is asking for a tip, and consequently might leave […]

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Burrito Bitch Mooches Margaritas

April 18, 2008 Diner Stories

Many years ago (1980s) I was working for a Mexican restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida. I had a young lady come in and order a steak burrito. She ordered a pitcher of margaritas with extra shots. Unfortunately she received a chicken burrito. She started screaming and yelling at me and demanding that I bring […]

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Dining Room Becomes A Play Room

March 11, 2008 Non-Stories

Hey Dev, Last night we ate at a restaurant where two kids ran rampant. Despite nasty stares from other diners, the parents didn’t seem concerned about their unruly kids running, yelling, and even playing hide-and-seek under some of the occupied tables! Surprisingly, even though the restaurant is a pricy one, staff ignored the situation. What […]

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What To Wear At A Restaurant

February 11, 2008 Non-Stories

Hey Dev, I’m a casual guy, but my girlfriend is always getting on my case about not dressing up when we go out to a restaurant. Could you please get her off my back? – Jorge Dear Jorge, It depends on where you’re dining. If I’m sitting at a tiki bar on the beach slurping […]

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The Case Of The Disappearing Server

January 21, 2008 Server Stories

Dining experience that definitely was NOT kosher… or… server in need of a GPS! Well known chain kosher style deli in Tampa Bay area. Husband and I have eaten here often, and have found the service to be somewhat inconsistent, but never this bad. We started with an appetizer – which came out fine, but […]

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